Change log

This change log records minor changes to the data. Major changes is released as an updated dataset, with a new version number, and with updated codebooks.

Original file(s)

v1 data set with party codes (file date: 2021-11-19)

V1 data set with party strings (file date: 2021-11-19)

Minor changes

2021-11-25, new version number 1.01

  • A few errors fixed in the ‘cab_composition’-variable (thanks to Thomas Meyer for spotting this).
  • One additional ‘cab_composition’-variable added to the data set with party codes. The ‘cab_compostion1’-variable contains party abbreviations and ‘cab_composition2’ contains party codes.
  • ‘cab_party9’ is dropped from the dataset as it was empty.
  • ‘cab_num_parties’ (i.e. number of cabinet parties) corrected:
    • For cabinet id 1054 and 1055 (Prodi I and Prodi II) the number of cabinet parties have been reduced by 1 each and now corresponds to the number of listed parties (7 and 8, respectively).
  • Notes on citation added to the Stata-files