Swedish electoral law change 1920-2005

This list contains important changes in Swedish electoral law since 1920.
For more information or to view laws in pdf format, click the links.

SFS 1920:796New Elections Act

SFS 1952:267 [Swedish pdf]
The possibility to create election cartels removed
Adjusted odd-number method when distributing seats

SFS 1969:796 (1866:27) – Revised Riksdag Act [Swedish pdf]
Single chamber Riksdag with 350 members, three year term
Barrier of 4 (12) per cent of votes

SFS 1969:825 – Law concerning the elections September 20 1970 [Swedish pdf]

SFS 1972:620New Elections Act

SFS 1974:152 – New Instrument of Government [Reprint in English on the Riksdag website]

SFS 1994:1469 (1974:152)
Option to express a preference for a particular candidate
Four year term

SFS 1997:157New Elections Act

SFS 2005:837New Elections Act