Nordic Politics

This section presents information on Nordic politics, such as interviews with Nordic politicians and other useful information on Nordic politics that has been translated to English. This data provides (1) information on the 2011 volume The Madisonian Turn, (2) a recently completed research project about Swedish constitutional reforms  (and its other publications) and (3) a chronological account of how the Swedish electoral law has changed since World War II.

The Madisonian Turn

This section is dedicated to the data relating to the 2011 volume The Madisonian Turn (University of Michigan Press).

Constitutional Reform 2010

In agreement with all the opposition parties, the current majority government has submitted a proposal for constitutional reform to the parliament for approval before and – again – after the election in 2010.

The central idea of this research project has been to depart from the customary tradition of conducting research on constitutional reforms years after reforms are debated, approved and implemented. Such an approach relies heavily on archives and the memories of still-available participants in an effort to reconstruct the bargaining and the logic. By contrast, this project studies the making of constitutional reform as they take place. By following what happens in real time, studying important events closely, and by paying close attention to what is taking place inside parties, this research will not only enrich our understanding of constitutional change but also on how political parties make difficult choices. In this project, these choices are related to broader developments in Swedish politics and in Nordic Europe.

Electoral Reform in Sweden

This section contains information on Swedish parliamentary electoral reform, including electoral laws and amendments in force since 1920, as well as constitutional articles concerning parliamentary elections.

The content is structured chronologically by the Elections Act. The Act of 1920 amendments from 1945-1971 are currently available in scanned pdf format, and subsequent amendments from 1972 onwards are available digitally on the Riksdag website. While The Elections Acts of 1997 and 2005 are available in official English translations, but most other content is in Swedish.