Data Archive

The European Representative Democracy data archive consists of cabinet-level data for 29 European democracies in post-WWII Europe. For each country it includes data for the cabinets that have formed after the introduction of the current democratic regime of parliamentary democracy (for Cyprus representative democracy). Included are cabinets that have formed before or on December 31 2010. In this release (3.0) we have completed the information on those cabinets up through December 2013. Altogether, a total of 640 cabinets–coalitions, single party and non-partisan–are included.

Release 3, February 2014


ERD Codebook Feb 12 2014 (.pdf)

ERD Party Codebook (.pdf)

Notes on coding principles (.pdf)

ERD Documentation (.xls)

Corrections and additions (.xls)

Data files

ERD Data set 12-2-2014 (.xls)

ERD Data set 12-2-2014 (.dta; Stata 9)

ERD Data set 12-2-2014 (.dta; Stata 9; Non applicable, 88888, is coded as missing)

ERD Data set 12-2-2014 (.dta; Stata 12)

ERD Data set 12-2-2014 (.dta; Stata 12; Non applicable, 88888, is coded as missing)

Older versions

Release 1, March 2012 (.zip)

Release 2, January 2013 (.zip)

Note on Proper Acknowledgement

Publications using this data should acknowledge in writing that the information comes from:

Andersson, Staffan; Bergman, Torbjörn & Ersson, Svante (2014). “The European Representative Democracy Data Archive, Release 3”. Main sponsor: Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (In2007-0149:1-E). []