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Welcome to the data archive for the Party Government in Europe Database (PAGED) project.

Potential governments datasets, release March 2022

The potential governments datasets are data that can be used for discrete choice modelling.


When using the combined data, cite the following:

Hellström, Johan, Torbjörn Bergman, and Hanna Bäck (2021). Party Government in Europe Database (PAGED). Main sponsor: Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (IN150306:1). Available on

and if including Western Europe and/or Croatia:

Bergman, Torbjörn, Hanna Bäck, and Johan Hellström (eds.). (2021). Coalition Governance in Western Europe. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

and if including Central Eastern Europe:

Bergman, Torbjörn, Gabriella Ilonszki and Wolfgang C. Müller, eds. (2019). Coalition Governance in Central Eastern Europe. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

If you discover any errors, please contact Johan Hellström.

Below you can find the data files in Stata and CSV format. Please note that all files are compressed to save space. You need to unzip/decompress the files before usage.

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