About us

A small team of political scientists at the Political Science department, Umeå University in Sweden manages the European Representative Democracy Data Archive (ERDDA). We have built the data infrastructure with the support of our department and several research foundations (see Funding). Above all, we have built it with the help of colleagues that like ourselves believe in careful empirical work on the countries that we cover. This involves using archival work, interviews, parliamentary records and secondary literature.  As a world-leading database for research on the competition for government in Europe, the archive contains unique data on governments, parliaments, political parties, length of government formation periods, bargain rounds, as well as procedures and mechanism for intra-coalition governance etc.

Currently we are updating, restructuring and expanding the data archive to include more data and more countries.

We aim for continuous improvement. Sometimes we do not have the funding that we need for any larger updates. Nevertheless, if you keep us informed about any coding or data set problems, we will try to remedy any errors, as soon as possible.

Torbjörn Bergman Johan Hellström Jonas Lindahl
Professor Associate professor Ph.D. student
Founder Manager/Data manager Data manager assistant
Torbjorn.bergman@umu.se Johan.hellstrom@umu.se jonas.lindahl01@umu.se